Gayatri mantra has been bestowed the greatest importance in Vedic dharma. This mantra has also been termed as Savitri and Ved-Mata, the mother of the Vedas.
"Om bhur bhuvah svaha, Tat savitur varenyam

Bhargo devasya dheemahi,Dhiyo yo nah prachodayat"


O God! You are Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Almighty, You are all Light. You are all Knowledge and Bliss. You are Destroyer of fear, You are Creator of this Universe, You are the Greatest of all. We bow and meditate upon Your light. You guide our intellect in the right direction.

The mantra, however, has a great scientific importance too, which somehow got lost in the literary tradition. The modern astrophysics and astronomy tell us that our Galaxy called Milky Way or Akash-Ganga contains approximately 1,00,000 million of stars. Each star is like our sun having its own planet system.

We know that the moon moves round the earth and the earth moves round the sun along with the moon. All planets round the sun. Each of the above bodies revolves round at its own axis as well. Our sun along with its family takes one round of the galactic center in 22.5 crore years. All galaxies including ours are moving away at a terrific velocity of 20,000 miles/second.

Now the alternative scientific meaning of the mantra step by step:
Bhur: The earth
Bhuvah: The planets (solar family)
Svaha: The Galaxy.

We observe that when an ordinary fan with a speed of 900 RPM moves, it makes noise. Then, one can imagine, what great noise would be created when the galaxies move with a speed of 20,000 miles per second.

This is what this portion of the mantra explains that the sound produced due to the fast-moving earth, planets and galaxies is Om.
The sound was heard during meditation by Rishi Vishvamitra, who mentioned it to his colleagues. All of them, then unanimously decided to call this sound "Om" the name of God, because this sound is available in all the three periods of time, hence it is set (permanent).

Therefore, it was the first ever revolutionary idea to identify formless God with a specific title (form) called upadhi. Until that time, everybody recognized God as formless and nobody was prepared to accept this new idea. In the Gita also, it is said, "Omiti ekaksharam brahma", meaning that the name of the Supreme is Om , which contains only one syllable (8/12).
This sound Om heard during samadhi was called by all the seers nada-brahma a very great noise, but not a noise that is normally heard beyond a specific amplitude and limits of decibels suited to human hearing. Hence the rishis called this sound Udgith musical sound of the above, i.e. heaven. They also noticed that the infinite mass of galaxies moving with a velocity of 20,000 miles/second was generating a kinetic energy = 1/2 MV2 and this was balancing the total energy consumption of the cosmos. Hence they named it Pranavah, which means the body (vapu) or store house of energy
Tat: That God
Savitur: The sun (star)
Varenyam: Worthy of bowing or respect.

Once the form of a person along with the name is known to us, we may locate the specific person. Hence the two titles (upadhi) provide the solid ground to identify the formless God, Vishvamitra suggested. He told us that we could know (realize) the unknowable formless God through the known factors, viz., sound Om and light of suns (stars). A mathematician can solve an equation x2+y2=4; if x=2; then y can be known and so on. An engineer can measure the width of a river even by standing at the riverbank just by drawing a triangle. So was the scientific method suggested by Vishvamitra in the mantra in the next portion as under:-

Bhargo: The light
Devasya: Of the deity
Dheemahi: We should meditate.

The rishi instructs us to meditate upon the available form (light of suns) to discover the formless Creator (God). Also he wants us to do japa of the word Om (this is understood in the Mantra). This is how the sage wants us to proceed, but there is a great problem to realize it, as the human mind is so shaky and restless that without the grace of the Supreme (Brahma) it cannot be controlled. Hence Vishvamitra suggests the way to pray Him as under:
Dhiyo: Intellect
Yo: Who
Nah: We all
Prachodayat: Guide to right Direction.
O God! Deploy our intellect on the right path. Full scientific interpretation of the Mantra: The earth (bhur), the planets (bhuvah), and the galaxies (svaha) are moving at a very great velocity, the sound produced is Om , (the name of formless God).

That God (tat), who manifests Himself in the form of light of suns (savitur) is worthy of bowing/respect (varenyam). We all, therefore, should meditate (dheemahi) upon the light (bhargo) of that deity (devasya) and also do chanting of Om. May He (yo) guide in right direction (prachodayat) our(nah) intellect dhiyo.
So we notice that the important points hinted in the mantra are:-

1) The total kinetic energy generated by the movement of galaxies acts as an umbrella and balances the total energy consumption of the cosmos. Hence it was named as the Pranavah (body of energy), this is equal to 1/2 mv2.
2) Realizing the great importance of the syllable OM , the other later date religions adopted this word with a slight change in accent, viz., Amenand Ameen.

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  1. Dude excellent post....
    keep up man!!!

  2. goon one! nice post after a long long time, try also to get more information on Mahabharata and Ramayana, hope it involves more scientific explanations.
    Anyhow nice work. Keep up the good work.

  3. it looks like words in Sanskrit can be allotted meanings as per convenience. Everytime I read a Sanskrit sloka interpretation - invariably the meanings of words are generated newly. One can easily make any mantra mean anything!

  4. nice post! by the way where did u get this information??? Is this info what have u published is true?

  5. So why can't we chant this mantra without completing upanayama? I'm a woman, and i chant this mantra whenever my intuition deems it appropriate. I experience the mantra as powerful and rather transformative. I will continue to chant it anyway, but I am curious as to why Vedic mantras are considered a privilege rather than a birthright for all expressions of Brahm?

  6. Excellent post!!! But I din't find the answer to "Do not japa(practice) this mantra where ever you like or whenever you wish"

  7. Why it should be practiced only after Upanayanam It will take much to explain as to why one should follow the rules set by the learned of yesteryear's.Just think as to why it takes 9 months for a child to be born, there after again six to nine months to get teeth etc. Because the nature take its own time while making us mature.
    Similar rule are set for different tasks to be performed.Just think of the result of driving while talking on mobile or after consuming liquor.Every time you may not be lucky to escape accident. Hence it is important to follow the system.

  8. Any information related fibonacci series encoded in Gayatri? Any one?

  9. Wow!!! So much valuable info! Gr8! For a man of ur knowledge u shud also be knowing that the "Gayathri Mantra" shud never told out in the open n published anywhere!

  10. Dont Spread rumors . Read the true thing

  11. No words to express i can only say Live long

  12. wow! this is truely and amazing read. Many times we would recite this, but it's now that i know what and why i am doing it. Thank you for the article :)
    Just one more question though, how would Sound travel through Space?


    You may want to read this. And just a thought before this. Vaikunta what we call, where lord vishnu resides, it is also called as parallel universe.

    Problem with us is that we question too much a lot about others rather than to think oneself...

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  15. If the Ultimate God (or Brahaman) is light of the Suns then Suns become superior to God. One day if all Suns and planets cease there will be no sound or light, therefore no God?
    One light (jyoti or bindu), call it light because light is the closest thing to it in the material universe.
    One dot (bindu) of light, the consciousness, and all emptiness, creates a reflection of exiting universe that is perceived the way it is perceived by us humans.
    The question becomes if it perceived than does it all “really” exist anyways? The answer is that it depends on your perception of “Really” or “Reality”. Nothing can be considered of an existence or Permanence on the Absolute scale, if it has an age (may be millions or billions of years) attached to it. They only exist on a Relative scale. Whatever exists on the relative scale really doesn’t exist but is just perceived to have a certain form or shape within time. In other words, whatever is within (ruled by) time has a form, is temporary. The one which is beyond time does not have form is absolute. Whatever appears on the canvas of time with form is nothing but reflections of timeless Absolute, and those reflections can be perceived from many layers depending on the state of the perceiver.
    The perception of anything depends simply on one thing, i.e. state of perceiver. The Sun from mere objective perception is a fireball with certain temperature and gases. From little inner perception; it is the source of life on this Earth as we recognize life. So now it not mere gases but a respectable entity on which planet Earth and us depend. From more inner inspection, it not a mere entity but it also has the all prevalent, universal consciousness (bindu) as do the other lives (but the key here is one has to be directly aware of one’s own consciousness to see it this way). Now this perception is fundamentally different to the perception of fireball. This further look reveals that it not just has consciousness but it is more close to universal consciousness; as it follows her (universal consciousness) rules more intimately than us and has bigger responsibilities. Further investigation reveals; that we all have Sun energy in us which manifests like Sun in our deeds. So Jyotish comes in to tell us how the Sun energy will manifest in someone. Now Sun has becomes something that can be worshiped because it directly influences or relates to the Sun within each of us. All of these are true and valid perceptions. They just point to different layers within which the perceivers consciousness level reside but truth remains. And that we all need to long for.
    Thanks for the good article that triggered me to share.

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    Previously there was an article on 24 , 108 and fibonacci series which is not well enumerated....Kindly do explain the relationship between 24 and 108

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